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Wellington Long Run Roofing is your expert roofing team with over 40 years of experience delivering quality roofs, to both commercial and residential premises, in the Wellington region.

Commercial Project

Cuba Street, Wellington

Wellington Long Run Roofing recently led an impactful project involving the cladding of a commercial building on the vibrant Cuba Street in Wellington. This project required the removal of the old cladding and its replacement with a contemporary ST7 cladding—a sophisticated choice known for its durability and modern aesthetic.

Characterised by rippled metal sheets, this resilient cladding not only revitalises the building’s exterior but also offers robust protection against the elements.

Situated in the heart of Wellington, on Cuba Street, this project took into account the unique architectural character of the area while ensuring that the new cladding aligns with the cityscape.

At Wellington Long Run Roofing, our dedication to quality work and innovative solutions shines through in every project, transforming commercial spaces with leading-edge cladding that stands the test of time.

residential project

Todman Street, Brooklyn

In the scenic residential neighbourhood of Brooklyn, Wellington Long Run Roofing undertook an ambitious reroofing project on Todman Street, surrounded by the renowned vigorous hills that define the area’s landscape.

This complex project involved the removal of the existing roof, making way for a brand-new, expansive longrun roof. Characterised by numerous parts and sections, the project presented unique challenges, particularly with angles and elaborate roof structures.

Our skilled team at Wellington Long Run Roofing navigated these complexities with knowledge, ensuring a flawless transition from the old to the new while upholding the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the large and multifaceted roof.

This residential reroofing project stands as a testament to our commitment to quality in tackling varied challenges, resulting in a durable and visually stunning roof for our valued clients in the dynamic terrain of Brooklyn.

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Commercial Project

Raiha Street, Porirua

Wellington Long Run Roofing recently managed a project in which involved the reroofing of an industrial building in the industrial area of Raiha Street, Porirua.

This all-inclusive initiative involved the removal of the existing roof, setting the stage for an advanced reroofing process that incorporated a mixture of materials, including trim line.

This strategic blend of materials not only revitalised the industrial building but also protects it against the severe conditions of the industrial environment.

Nestled in Raiha Street, Porirua, this project harmonised functionality and aesthetics, enhancing both the structural resilience and visual appeal of the industrial area.

Wellington Long Run Roofing takes great pride in delivering custom made reroofing solutions that withstand the harshness of industrial settings, applying a thoughtful mix of materials to ensure durability, versatility, and an enduring impact.

commercial project

Hania Street, Mt Victoria

Wellington Long Run Roofing recently spearheaded an impactful project at 27 Hania St, Mt Victoria, entailing a comprehensive re-roofing endeavor with the removal of existing penetrations and extractor vents. Our team orchestrated the supply and installation of Colour Steel MAXX (marine grade) 0.55g Corrugated iron, meticulously laid over Bayonet 07 Self Support Fire Retardant underlay.
This choice of roofing solution promises durability and longevity, offering robust protection against the toughest conditions of Wellington’s climate. 

Situated amidst the charming locale of Mt Victoria, the team transformed this commercial building into a stunning, modern looking structure. 

The complexities of this project served as a testament to the exceptional roofing skills and capabilities demonstrated by Wellington Long Run Roofing.

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Residential Project

Central Terrace, Kelburn

In the heart of Central Terrace, Kelburn, Wellington, Wellington Long Run Roofing completed a comprehensive residential roofing project that exemplified our commitment to excellence. The scope of the project entailed a full re-roofing endeavor, featuring the installation of Colorsteel MAXX (marine grade) 0.55g corrugated iron in a sleek greyfriars hue. Additionally, external gutters were upgraded to Colorsteel MAXX (marine grade) 0.55g Old Gothic profile continuous gutters, ensuring both durability and aesthetic appeal. 

To safeguard against debris and blockages, Gutter Solutions gutter guards were installed over the new gutters, enhancing their longevity and efficiency.

Additionally, all outdated downpipes were replaced with 80mm round Colorsteel MAXX 0.55g downpipes, complemented by powder-coated aluminium bends in matching grey friars tone. 

As part of our comprehensive service, we also provided and installed scaffolding for the re-roofing process, gutter and downpipe replacement, and house painting, ensuring seamless execution and safety throughout the project. This residential roofing project in Central Terrace stands as a testament to our expertise and dedication to delivering top-quality solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

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