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It is important to ensure spouting, gutters & rainwater systems are in good condition or there may be significant internal & external damage.

Many new home subdivision’s now boast 90%+ of all rainwater products installed are COLORSTEEL with the majority being continuous spouting.

This has also seen a massive increase in the number of existing residential homes replace there old spouting with long lasting COLORSTEEL. This provides a seamless finish with fewer joins as we can generally do each section with one continuous length, with the only joins at corners.

If you are looking for quality Rainwater goods for your new home or project you can email your plans directly to us for pricing. Remember for both new and existing homes we recommend Continuous COLORSTEEL Spouting in a colour to match your roof and quality pre-finished COLORSTEEL down pipes to match your joinery or cladding. We also provide and install PVC and Marley Stratus.

With our portable roll forming machines we measure each length on the house, dramatically reducing waste and therefore money. No joins in your spouting means less labour required, no installing extra components, and it’s quick.  We can install Continuous Spouting in half the time it takes to install PVC spouting reducing the labour cost by up to 50%.

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Over the past 10+ years we have helped Wellington homeowners, and commercial property investors create and maintain quality structures with our roofing expertise.


Nick is LPB certified. LBPs are building professionals who have been assessed as competent to carry out building work essential to the structure or weather tightness of residential buildings.


We only use quality roofing products designed to stand the test of time. We provide a 10 year workmanship guarantee on all new roofs and re roofs.


We are professional Wellington trained roofers with a national certificate in roofing. We are also members of the Roofing Association of New Zealand.