Roofing Services

Re Roofing

When your residential or commercial property roof has come to the end service life we're the ones to remove and replace it with a quality new roof.

New Roofs

New builds are always exciting and we’re on hand to help you complete your new building project.  We can take you through the whole roofing process with our project management service.

Maintenance & Repairs

If your roof is leaking even just a little, or parts of your ceiling are beginning to look weak or worn in some areas, please call us immediately. 

Chimney Removal

Depending on the structure of your chimney, you may need additional consents from the city council. To support this we provide a full chimney inspection, assessment, and removal service.

Spouting & Gutters

It is important to ensure spouting, gutters & rainwater systems are in good condition or there may be significant internal & external damage.


If you are looking at installing a new skylight, or solar tube to let in more light, or an opening skylight to improve air flow, we are here to help, we can project manage the job start to finish. 

Asbestos Removal

As licensed asbestos removers we plan for the safety of our clients, neighbors, and our roofing team.